The Neighborhood

West End and Elliston Place cover a large area that borders Music Row, Hillsboro, and Highway 70 roughly. Many residents love this area for its large green space, Centennial Park. This park houses the well-beloved replica of the Greek Parthenon. It is also an easy walk to many other vibrant neighborhoods in the city. Its close proximity to Vanderbilt University and many medical centers makes this a hub for many professionals.

The Market

West End/Elliston Place has many luxury condo and townhouse options available to its residents, each one with a variety of amenities.

The Lifestyle

Locals who spend a lot of time outdoors enjoy Centennial Park for both its opportunity to stay active and its full calendar of events. Residents are treated to free concerts at Musicians Corner most warm weekends, and the park hosts many annual festivals so there is truly always something to do!

Known For

The Parthenon

Centennial Park

Luxury Condos


Proximity to Vanderbilt




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