The Neighborhood

Sylvan Park, Sylvan Heights, and Charlotte Avenue all border one another and many locals see the lines between the neighborhoods as blurred. Generally, this area is bordered by Charlotte Avenue, goes south down Richland Creek and cuts back north to reach the Interstate 440 barrier. Many outdoor loving city-dwellers call the area home due to an amazing golf course and greenway system. This area is also known for being an avid supporter of local businesses, which is evident as some of the oldest restaurants in Nashville can be found in this area.

The Market

This area of Nashville is known for quiet residential streets lined with bungalows and single-family homes. Sylvan Heights, in particular, has seen a growth in new construction three-story houses with views towards the city.

The Lifestyle

Residents are proud of the friendly and neighborly personality of this area. With plenty of outdoor space and an easy walk to West End, locals are always on the move! If you head to Charlotte Avenue, you’ll find some of the hottest restaurants popping up along the street.

Known For


Charming Bungalows

Restaurant Scene

New Construction

Proximity to Downtown


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