The Neighborhood

Located in West Nashville, The Nations is bordered by Briley Parkway, Interstate 40, and 63rd Avenue North. This area has gradually separated itself from the Sylvan Park neighborhood and has grown dramatically over the past few years, causing a lot of excitement among locals as it grows. The origin of the name is disputed, but many believe that it gained its name from this land’s history of being a meeting place for different Native American tribal nations. Today, this area is being called “the next 12 South.” Industrial spaces are quickly being taken over and filled with shops, restaurants, and bars forming this new and hip neighborhood.

The Market

The Nations has seen large-scale revitalization over the last few years resulting in many residents now enjoying gorgeous modern homes. This area is known for unique and distinctive architecture, and locals love the colorful home exterior options and upgraded amenities.

The Lifestyle

Residents of The Nations have access to some of the city’s best green spaces and businesses. This neighborhood is walking friendly and is quickly becoming a favorite destination for start-ups. Locals can also enjoy live music at smaller venues in the neighborhood.

Known For

Affordable Home Prices New Construction Revitalization Area Proximity to Downtown Nashville


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