The Neighborhood

A truly diverse neighborhood, Midtown runs from Interstate 40 down 17th Avenue South and over to 31st Avenue South. It continues to roughly follow the edge of Interstate 40 and Charlotte Avenue, making this one of the larger neighborhoods in the city. Known for its nightlife, Midtown is a favorite for locals looking for some non-touristy attractions. This area also encompasses some fantastic green spaces, music venues, and hospitals so residents really have everything they could want or need!

The Market

Most residents of Midtown live in condos like the renowned Adelicia. Various high-rises offer luxury amenities and lifestyles to their residents throughout the neighborhood.

The Lifestyle

Locals love the vibrant nightlife, bar options, and live music venues. This neighborhood is perfect for an active and social lifestyle. Residents also have their pick of restaurants to choose from including the swanky Catbird Seat which is widely regarded. With its proximity to other Nashville neighborhoods, this area is great for those wishing to explore many parts of the city.

Known For

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Vanderbilt Hospital and University


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