The Neighborhood

Nestled around 21st Avenue between Interstate 440 and 31st and Wedgwood Avenues is the thriving neighborhood of Hillsboro Village. At just four square blocks, residents can peruse one-of-a-kind stores, eat at locally-owned eateries and coffee shops, and find unique entertainment options within a short walk. The Belcourt Theater, a restored movie theater that shows new and independent films, is an area treasure, and people flock from miles around to stand in line for pancakes at Pancake Pantry.

The Market

You’ll find an eclectic mix of home styles to suit the unique array of residents in the area. Beautifully maintained cottages and Tudor style homes line the streets and townhouses and condominiums offer a low-maintenance, urban lifestyle.

The Lifestyle

Hillsboro Village is home to long-time Nashville locals, young professionals, families, and college coeds just passing through for their degrees. This mix has created a unique atmosphere that exudes creativity and entrepreneurship. Statues and murals add vibrant color to the parks and brick walls of the community, giving a distinguishable character to an area surrounded by other charming Nashville neighborhoods.

Known For

Restaurant Scene

The Belcourt Theater

Trendy Shops

Proximity to Vanderbilt


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