The Neighborhood

The Belmont neighborhood occupies the area between Interstate 440, Belmont Boulevard, Magnolia Boulevard, and 20th Avenue. The neighborhood borrows its name from Belmont Mansion, called such because Belle Monte means beautiful mountain in Italian. The mansion now rests on the campus of Belmont University and is open for daily tours. It was owned by the Acklens, who also have lent their name to the area’s streets and buildings, and the mansion’s gardens and zoo were once open to Nashville’s early citizens to enjoy.

The Market

Many of the homes in the Belmont area were built in the early 1900s and exude charm and historic character. Sidewalks line the main streets, trees frame the sky, and houses vary in age from the 1930s to new construction. Home styles include Foursquare, Tudor, Cape Cod, and contemporary.

The Lifestyle

Belmont attracts college coeds from around the world, young professionals, and families looking for an established neighborhood. Shops, restaurants, and things to do reside along Belmont Boulevard, keeping locals and out-of-towners occupied. The campus buzzes with activity and is well-known for its music program, frequently opening its doors for concerts and musicals. The area is not only walkable for a quick bite, but is an enjoyable place for a stroll.

Known For

Belmont University

College Life

Shops/ Restaurants

Proximity to Downtown


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